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Fun Stuff
What's your favorite thing about Rosh Hashanah?Eating apples and honey
Hearing the shofar
Visiting family
Saying "I'm sorry"
The rabbi's sermon
Reading YaYa & YoYo during services
fun stuff
about dori

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  Kids' Comments

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"Sliding Into the New Year is the best book ever! I was so excited while reading it, and always eager to find out what would happen next. There were so many great and funny parts in this book that it was very hard to choose my absolute favorite."
Talia, Grade 4

"I thought this was one of the best books we read this year."
Max, Grade 3

"I love how you can relate it to your own life!"
Samantha, Grade 3

"I love how  she found what was missing and then made a book to fill the space." 
Dillon, Grade 4

"I like the book because it is fun but involves Judaism."
Miriam, Grade 3

"I loved your book soooo much! I like that you made it that YaYa and YoYo fight sometimes but they still love each other.  Go, go YaYa and YoYo!
Olivia, Grade 3

"She is just a regular mom, she just writes books too."
Ariella, Grade 4

"Her Power Point was so interesting."
Ariel, Grade 4

Who is your favorite character?Ellie/YaYa
Rabbi Green
Dad/Mark Silver
Mom/Debbie Silver
What's your favorite thing to do on Sukkot?Shake the lulav and etrog
Build the sukkah
Decorate the sukkah
Eat in the sukkah
Sleep in the sukkah
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